Photographers are familiar with giving their clients items such as prints, canvases, framed photographs, custom made albums, but what if we were missing something? What if there was something beautiful we could offer our clients, that would allow them to have an item they keep close to their heart that also keeps them coming back for our services?

As a professional photographer I am constantly looking for ways to connect with my clients, find quality products they will love, and when it's items that keep them coming back, it works wonderfully for my business. 

The idea of a special baby book came to mind. As a photographer whose business is based around babies, and those important milestones from birth, to their first smile and those first few steps it's my favorite part about being a photographer. I get to document those moments for my clients. I'm lucky to have clients who don't just book me for one session, but they often use me to all sessions. I get a front row seat to watch their story unfold, and I wanted something that would work perfectly for them and me. 

After searching everywhere I stumbled across the most beautiful baby book, it's called 'The Story Of You' by Artifact Uprising. I knew this was something my clients would love. I received one book, and by flipping through just a few pages, it tugged on my mama heart strings. This book was so beautiful and perfect for parents to fill out as their little ones got older. The details it records are things you probably can still recall about your own child (my daughter is 8, and my son is four now) and I loved that it doesn't focus on listing such fine details, but rather creates a reflection back on that time.

You'll notice that on many pages there are special placeholders for photographs, and this is where my idea came into play. As a photographer, I help document those moments for my clients. Wouldn't it be amazing if they could use this book in hand with hiring a photographer? As a photographer you could use this book to show your clients the importance of documenting milestones and that you can do that for them. I often offer monthly milestone sessions for my clients. They consist of 30 min baby sessions, and this book has monthly chapters that can go hand in hand with my sessions.

If you're a mom with a little one, you'll absolutely love this book. I wish they would have been around eight years ago when I first became a mother. 

If you're a photographer who loves working with babies; think about incorporating this into your business. Offer your clients something truly special. Something they can fill out as the time goes by, and receive beautiful portraits from their favorite photographer. This is something every mom looks forward to doing, filling out a baby book. How amazing would it be if you could document their special moments along the way. 


Artifact Uprising

Founded in 2012, sisters Katie & Jenna took their decade of experience working as professional photographers to create printed photo goods with elevated quality, thoughtful design and responsibly-sourced materials.
January 13, 2018 — Elena Ringeisen

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