1. When you can wear whatever  you want because you work from home.
2. When you're trying to decide what lens to get next.
3. When you've picked up your second shooter and are on the way to shoot a wedding.
4. When you see wedding food.
5. When you're taking pictures of your own kids and ask them to smile. 
6. When you have a wedding photographer hangover.
7. When you see a potential client go to another photographer instead. 
8. That awkward moment you find your images in someone else's portfolio. 
9. When a client books your biggest package.
10. When you realize just how much coffee you drink while working.
11. Or the amount of wine. 
12. When you find other photographers you really love and become good friends. 
13. When you find mean photographers online. 
14. When drunk friends of the bride and groom grab the mic for a speech.
15. When a bride makes a guest cell phone photo their profile image instead of one of your professional ones.
16. When you send the gallery off and wait for your client to see it and email you back. 
 17. When you're in online photography groups and there's a little drama.
18. When you're trying to get through all your emails.  
19. When you finally get published.
20. When you work alone but send virtual highfives to all your friends who work alone too.
21. When you're shooting the father-daughter dance at every single wedding. 
22. When someone leaves a mean comment on of your images. 
23. When you're trying to blend into the wedding reception. 
24. When you hear the words ' you can fix that in photoshop right?. 
25. When a dream client ends up booking you. 
26. When you know you should be blogging, but just don't know what to write.
27. When you just spend the last 40 minutes editing a photo and photoshop decides to freeze.
28. When you're trying to get the white balance right.
 29. When your second shooter can read your mind from across the room.
30. When you realize that you have the absolute best job in the world and
wouldn't trade these wild emotions for anything. 
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July 01, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen