How do you build a powerful brand, when you’re used to (and more comfortable) working behind the scenes?

Here are 5 key introvert-friendly ways YOU can stand out online and get noticed by the right people!

This is for you if:

  • You’re an introvert starting or growing a business online, looking for ways to stand out
  • You’re tired of trying to make as much noise as possible, and want an approach that feels more authentic to you
  • You're feeling like you don’t fit into the business world, and looking for a model of success that fits your values



In a world where everyone wants to broadcast their own OPINIONS, introverts tend to spend more time LISTENING and understanding before reaching a conclusion.

This sounds like a passive skill, but I promise it’s not!

We all LOVE to be truly listened to and heard, and sometimes the most powerful way to be noticed, is to say the least and listen the most.

Lean into this strength as a business owner, and it will help you go further, faster. 

Ask your audience questions, give them opportunities to share their insights and opinions and experiences. Show a desire to understand them and their problems and issues, through their eyes. And when you do speak up, your words will carry so much more weight!




Introverts have a tendency to analyze things in more detail, from more angles, before they reach a conclusion. This can seem exhausting and tedious sometimes… but the result is that when we do reach conclusions, they tend to be very well-considered and thoughtful! 

Focus on creating content that leverages your nuanced understanding and thoughtfulness. Boil complex ideas into simple teachings. Take time to explain how your readers or viewers can APPLY the lesson you’re teaching, what pitfalls or problems they should look out for, and what factors may help them achieve the best result!




If you tend to be more quiet and reserved, don’t try to change — instead, lean into it!

The natural assumption about speaking up online is “the louder, the better.” But in the noisy online world, nothing could be further from the truth!

Use your true, genuine voice, whatever that is - quirky, quiet, or otherwise. Chances are, it’s underrepresented in the online world, and your audience will know you by the unique energy you carry!

Think about your own preferences. Would you rather follow and hear every day from someone like those influencers you think you’re supposed to sound like? Or would you rather hear from someone who sounds and acts more like you?

Show up for YOUR people; don’t worry about anyone else!





In a world where everyone is making as much NOISE as possible, and getting as many EYEBALLS on your content as possible, you can set yourself apart by focusing instead on being as RELEVANT as possible to a certain group of people.

As an introvert, you may tend to be highly observant, and find yourself noticing flaws and cracks in the status quo, that other people don’t notice… translation: opportunity!

So while everyone else is hustling and making noise, focus your effort on solving thorny problems in new ways, and presenting those new solutions to the people who need them the most. Make your offers, content, and online presence as RELEVANT to your customer’s current situation as possible!

And when it comes to exposure and promoting your content and offers, focus on quality content that’s deeply relevant - instead of just sheer quantity of eyeballs. You’re sure to stand out this way!




There are plenty of people on the internet totally fixated on making themselves seem cool, strong, invincible, and so on. Isn’t it REFRESHING when you come across someone who’s more focused on results and impact, than ego and fame?

Introverts aren’t typically motivated by fame or recognition; in most cases we’d rather be working behind the scenes to make magic happen! We seek out meaningful results and impacts. And in the end, that’s what really sells a business!

So focus on getting outstanding results for your clients and customers, and let the results speak for themselves.



That’s it! 5 ways to get noticed online as an introvert are:

  • Listen + Empathize
  • Analyze + Explain
  • Use your Authentic Voice
  • Be Relevant, not Loud
  • Focus on Results


What do you think? What would you add to this list? Are there other strengths YOU lean into as an introvert, to stand out in your field online?


This post was written by Ashley Chymiy, founder of Hello Happen. A branding and business coach, helping entrepreneurs build businesses they love, rooted in their ideas, passions, and values.



September 13, 2020 — Elena Ringeisen