You've probably spent a great deal of time behind the camera shooting because you're passionate about taking photos and love the idea of working with brands around the world but don't know how to go about it. Maybe you feel stuck with what to say, how to say it, or how to place yourself as an expert in a new niche and have these companies see the value you can bring by photographing their items.


Maybe you've worked as a portrait photographer and tired of constantly having to sell your pricing and services to clients who undervalue your skills and are ready to work with companies who know that good photography is one of the best things they can invest in and are excited to work with you.


Perhaps you adore your clients and styling sessions but want to incorporate commercial photography into your already booked sessions so you can easily double or triple your current income by getting paid not just by your clients, but also companies you love working with all while using new pieces to style your shoot that reflects your style and vision.

Commercial photography is a billion-dollar industry and can open so many new doors and opportunities for photographers. 


Aren't you ready to get a slice of it?


Can you imagine how it would feel to get hired by your favorite brands, receive items for free, AND get paid to photograph them because they value your skills and style?


Spoiler alert; It's 100% possible, and I've been doing it for years!


If you're a photographer, then getting started with commercial photography is an excellent way to double or triple your income without necessarily taking on more work. Over the years I've worked commercial photography seamlessly into my business and love the freedom I get from working as a portrait/commercial photographer and so excited to teach you how you can do the same!


I'll show you how to get started with commercial photography and give you my personal system + all the written text I use when landing deals with companies all over the world. The e-mails, personalized messages, media kit content, literally everything I use. You'll learn how to strategically place yourself in a position to start earning income from commercial shoots and grow your business with a new niche.


I'll walk you through the entire process. Share the system that I love to use, and hand over all the text I use from start to finish so you can get out there and start landing dream deals with companies you love right away. Not only am I going to cover my process, but I'll give you all the tools you need to position yourself as an expert in one of the best photography niches and be confident in diving into the commercial photography space.


You'll have everything you need in one place, take it, implement it and start landing deals this week!


Ready to learn more about the Commercial Photography Blueprint? Head on over to this page to get all the details: THE COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY BLUEPRINT DETAILS


See you on the inside!

June 26, 2020 — Elena Ringeisen