The biggest compliment I have gotten since starting my business wasn’t about how beautiful my work was, or how great I was at editing or my organization skills. It wasn’t about how nice my camera was, or how pretty my studio looked. I have never been on the cover of a magazine or gotten an award for what I do. I have never been recognized by some top company on something I’ve done.  

The biggest, greatest compliment I have gotten over and over again is that I’m humble and genuine. Every time I hear it, it verifies that even on my hardest day, on days where I feel like I’m not doing enough I’m doing exactly what I should. Out of all the things people could say, I’m happy that people choose those two simple words.

I know their simple words, and might not mean much to others but the truth is this; When I started photography, I met people over and over again that told me to quit, even those in the photography industry told me that it wasn’t a place for me. That I wasn’t good enough, and my work was way over exposed. That I didn’t have good enough skill and no one would ever hire me and take me serious as a professional. That I didn’t have the personality to become successful because I’m too quiet. Now I understand that back when I got started all those things were probably true about me. My work wasn’t good, my work was over exposed, I couldn’t find clients that hired me and treated me as a professional. I’m still quiet and have the same personality that I had when I first started. But what I did have from the very start is one thing; passion. 

I knew that this is what I wanted to do and wasn’t going to quit until I figured it out. After walking away from people who told me to throw in the towel I told myself one thing and that was this;

If I ever become the photographer I dreamt of becoming I would never make anyone feel the way those people made me feel. I want to be a person who makes people believe in their dreams. Someone who sees people for what they dream of becoming. 


When I work with other photographers and creatives on their business I don’t look at their work, I look at what they’re truly passionate about. Someones drive is what will make them unstoppable. Every single person I have mentored in my business class is someone who want’s to grow into that person they dream to be one day. That’s how I look at people and I wish more people did the same. I see them for their dreams and passions above everything else. 

Your success has nothing to do with who you are today and has everything to do with believing in the person you want to become. That passion inside you to pursue what you love is there from day one. Other’s might not see that yet, but I promise you it’s there. I see it and believe that you can do this. 

One of the easiest things i’ve done was accomplish everything I set my mind to. The hardest was believing it was possible. 

The biggest problem creatives have is believing that it’s possible and that only gets amplified by others around them that won’t see them for who they want to be. How many people end up giving up because they didn’t have a single person tell them that it’s possible. That their dreams aren’t too big and that just because they aren’t yet where they want to be, it doesn’t mean that they won’t get there. 


Keep dreaming big. Believe in that person you want to become and most of all know that the person you are today can make it happen. You can do this and the only person out there that can stop you is yourself. I don’t care how far away you are from your dream, how many people, friends or family don’t think you are made for this, it can happen but only if you’re willing to push forward on the hard days. If you’re the only one who believes it’s possible, know that I believe it too. I don’t care who you are, or what you want to do with your life, I believe in you and your dreams. 

You’ll realize that when you become the person you dream to be that you had it in you all along, my dear. 


October 08, 2018 — Elena Ringeisen