While putting together my last income report I realized that I just hit $900,000 in overall gross income which is pretty incredible! It's something I had no idea was even possible when I first started my photography business.  

For me running a successful business is so much more than just a simple number and how much I make but has everything to do with creating a dependable income that allows me to do what I am wildly passionate about every single day while also giving me financial security and freedom of time to pursue a life I love.

I have mentored photographers, creatives, vendors, dreamers and love it. Every single one of the people I work with is in my class because they want to make some real changes. I know what it's like to build a business from the ground up and do it alone. It's possible, but there are so many things I had to learn along the way that could have made the entire process a lot easier. I want to help passionate business owners jump straight into their business and see real changes.

If you found this post, then you're probably very much like me. Passionate about something you love, maybe it's photography, maybe it's something else, but regardless there's a big piece of you that truly believes that with enough heart and hard work, you can make this something you do for the rest of your life. Not just something you do on the side, but something you could do full-time, and be the sole income for your entire family doing what you love.

You're 100% right about that. It is possible. I'm proof of it, and if you continue working hard on what you love then you'll do the same.


I'm looking for a specific type of photographer to join my 

photography business success class



The type of person who sees themselves doing this in the long run. This is more than just a hobby in your heart; it's something you want to for the rest of your life. The type of job you wouldn't want to retire from.


There is so secret path I can guide you down, but I can make the process a whole lot easier and quicker. Instead of guessing on what y ou're doing, you can count on my strategies. I have used them myself, and they have been proven by everyone in my class who has used them. It will be work, but it will be so much fun!


I love helping people. Most of all I love seeing the potential they might not even realize they have yet and help them see it for themselves. There's seriously nothing more rewarding then seeing others succeed in what they love. I want those in my class to know I'm there for them, in the private group, via a quick message, heck, you can even call me if you need to! If you're investing in my educational resource, I want you to have not just the class materials, but also me by your side cheering you on.


Running a business is a lot of work. I work with all types of photographers, some who are brand new, and others who have been doing this for years and are super close to being exatly where they want. I want to help those people get there.

When I started my photography business, my husband was in the Army and had just gotten back from his second deployment. We had just welcomed our baby girl to the world. I was a stay at home mom who didn't have a college degree or job. We were young and living paycheck to paycheck living in a tiny little apartment.

All I dreamt of was having a job that was meaningful to me and allowed me to work on something I was passionate about while raising my children and spending more time with my husband. It's what I called "my dream job."

I made that dream possible for myself and want to help others do the same.

February 21, 2017 — Elena Ringeisen