You have a session or wedding tomorrow, and the stress of it all just hit you like a wall of bricks. That feeling you had when you first were contacted about it, the one where you felt excited and on top of the world for doing what you love, just disappeared before your eyes and suddenly turned into worry, stress, and doubt.

You know that this is what you wanted, at least you thought you did, and now all you can think about is how much you’re going to screw this up. That you’re not ready and that you should have never signed up for this, to begin with. What the heck were you thinking!?

Whoa there… sound familiar? 

That’s because we have all been there.

I’ve been there many times.
Stress is a serious thing, and it comes from all sorts of directions when we allow ourselves to get nervous about something we at one point wanted. It’s incredible at how you can plan for something for months, and be excited and then the week or night before you are literally laying in bed with your eyes wide open because you can’t stop yourself from thinking about everything that’s going to go wrong. Every possible thing that you could mess up runs through your head, and you somehow psyched yourself out for the whole thing. You feel like you failed long before even starting. 

Suddenly this doesn’t feel at all like what you want to do, and you question literally everything you are doing with your business. Is this the right direction? Is this the path I should be on? What if I mess this up and am right about all those doubts I have about myself? 

That feeling my dear isn’t the real you. 

The real you knows that you have it in you. She knows that you have planned, practiced, and prepared for this for months and are ready to do great. The real you knows that you can do anything you put your mind to and that when it comes to big life moments, even a simple session it’s 100% about showing up and giving it your best shot. She knows that even if you come short sometimes that you still got a whole farther than the person who didn’t dare to show up. 

Most importantly, you know that you’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. 

You have it in you to do great, don’t let yourself psych yourself out. When you get those negative thoughts in your head, literally tell yourself; this is not me, those are my thoughts. Push them aside and go after what you love, create what inspires you, and understand who the real you is. I also want you to realize that you can not control the future, and when unplanned things happen, know that you also have it in you to deal with it. When ‘worst case scenario’ happens, you will handle it with grace.

Whatever it is you want to do, or are stressing about right now, stop and think; 
Why do you all of a sudden feel stressed out about it now? 
Where did all this doubt come from? 
Or more importantly, why didn’t you doubt yourself two weeks ago? 

Once you realize that these negative thoughts you have the night before can be pushed aside and ignored, you’ll be able to let the real you show up. You know, the one who knows you have it in you to do great. 


Inhale Confidence. Exhale Doubt



October 10, 2018 — Elena Ringeisen