(Prints by: The Northwest's Premier Film Lab — PhotoVision, Photo Boxes by: Make & Stow: Handmade wood boxes)

Wonder who everyone uses as their professional printing lab? We did too, so we did a massive poll collecting data from hundreds of professional photographers and found out who everyone used the most.

Connecting to the perfect printing lab is something ALL photographers have to do to offer their clients some beautiful prints and products.

Finding a lab that has the type of products you'd love, and print quality your clients will love can be a tedious task, so I'm hoping that this helps you get some valuable insight on who is most preferred among portrait photographers.

And before you decide, keep in mind that it's a good idea to see what works best for your work and order test prints with a few companies before deciding on one. You want to make sure that your work is being printed precisely how you'd like. Often when using a non-professional printing company leads to getting prints with a lot of issues, especially when it comes to coloring and lighting. Connect with a professional printing company and get the best quality prints for you and your clients!

I have tested out multiple companies for myself before deciding to stick with two. I personally love using PhotoVisions and WHCC when clients order online.

The majority of photographers use Millers. Next in line was WHCC, and then a whole bunch of others! I have them ALL listed below with a link directly to their site. I was surprised to find some new companies I had never heard of before, and some new products that I would love to offer to clients.

Browse around, and find one you love! 

TOP CHOICE: Miller's Professional Imaging 

SECOND CHOICE: WHCC - White House Custom Colour 

MY FAVORITE: The Northwest's Premier Film Lab — PhotoVision 


Also mentioned: 

 These are just some of the ones out there, these are the ones that were mentioned in the comments. Who do you love to use for your business? 

 Now tell me this...

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April 17, 2017 — Elena Ringeisen