The other day I posted on my facebook page asking what the #1 piece of advice for new photographers was, and we got some really amazing advice.

INCREDIBLE words of wisdom from so many amazing photographers. I just had to create a blog post dedicated to what everyone posted.

I know these will inspire other photographers on their journey. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write their piece of advice.

Enjoy reading through these, remember that many of them are hard lessons learned, and come from the heart. I know you'll love these as much as I did!


Don't think your work isn't worth higher prices don't cut or give sessions for really low fees due to being new thinking your not good enough we learn as we go but your time is still valuable. 
- Samatha Turner
Don't compare to others who have been in it long time.
- Chelsie Manning
Do it because you love it, not because you want to make tons of money. 
- Sarah Jackman
Keep educating keep practicing as much as possible. Even if it's on still objects. Learn cameras ins and outs as much as possible.
- Charlotte 
Charge enough to actually profit - by charging next to nothing you burn out quickly and bring the industry down by sending the message to clients that photography is not worth a lot.
-Sarah Cooper
Read your camera manual!!!!!
- Bev MacKensie
Shoot shoot shoot, try new lighting conditions, try new situations, shoot everything you can and play with your settings
- Sarah Larsen 
Don't assume people will like the same photos that you do.
Know that you always have more to learn.
Practice, practice, practice!
- Evan MacPhail
Don't be afraid to let your clients or subjects know what you expect from them to make your job easier and more enjoyable. I've walked away from people who were too demanding, rude or disrespectful.
Be respectful of your subjects, too. I've heard models tell horror stories of "that mean photographer"!
-Evan MacPhail
Don't focus too much time on trying to get the most expensive camera. Focus more on the quality you can give with what you already have.
-Kandy Wolf
Don't try to be another photographer, be your own. Find your niche. 
- Mandy Cohn 
Learn to shoot manually.. know your camera and what f stop ss iso white balance etc all mean.
- Lisa Pifferon 
Practice, Practice, Practice!! Don't start a "business" the day after you get your camera and Don't over edit!!!
- Jacque Butler 
Learn from others but don't copy others. Be your own style of photography
-Jen Lassan 
If you want this to succeed as a business....treat this like a business. If you want this as a hobby be honest with that and expect your path to be a hobby. But if this is your career path you need to look it as such. Expect to bust butt and keep trying over and over. Pay people to do your website, branding, etc. Invest in learning how to market NOT actions and cheap gear. Save your money and buy quality. Always keep learning and network network network and learn from your community of pro's, being open to change and humility.
- Jenee Cook
Be a business, not a charity. I spent 5 years trying to be the nice flexible photographer by letting people pay after shoot, after the wedding, cutting discounts and deals all the time. I truly though that by exceeding expectations and offering so much flexibility that my clients would be grateful and value me. and that was true for maybe a handful of them. But mostly I attracted people that take advantage, and don't value the work involved. I once gave a bride 200 more photos than what came with her package and she emailed me because she didn't feel like I gave her enough. I once let a client take 6 months to pay me but as soon as she did she was up my ass every day about when her photos would be done. After a few break downs and bouts of severe depression, I finally learned to stop running my business like this. Believe me, I did not want to. I wanted to trust people to do the right thing. But promises do not pay my bills. good intentions do not feed my family. So now I have strict policies in place, a 5 page contract, I do not make exceptions for friends or family and I do not allow payments after the fact anymore. I have nothing but respect for photographers that have to get their foot in the door and pay their dues to build a portfolio. But you don't need to de-value yourself in the process.
- Rachael Mizzer 
Always practice, and take your time.
When I first started I got so excited on a shoot I didn't realize my exposure was so high in the NOON sun that almost all my photos were blown out white.
- Alexandra Foster
Do. Not. Quit.
- Bree  Lenker 
Don't try to replicate other photographers work, be totally unique and authentic. Sure you can get inspiration and ideas from another source, but use them as a base and think outside the box on ways to change it up and give it your signature.
- Mandy Lee
Have your own style and follow your heart...
- Lisa Wotkowicz
Everyone sucks in the beginning. Keep going! You'll get better. And remember the only photographer you need to be better than, is the photographer you were yesterday. 
- Kathleen Pinkham 
Kit lenses are amazing for people who have just gotten a camera, but get rid of them if you want to move towards being a professional and start out with primes.

- Hanna Bales
Don't ever compare your work to others, they've been at it longer, they have more experience and they've probably spent many years, tears and failures to get to where they are. You will not become a professional overnight, it takes YEARS AND YEARS just keep going and try to master 1 new thing a week. 
- Hanna Bales
Learn the difference of being inspired by others and trying to imitate them. Be your own person!
- Ema Lam 
Charge for where you want to be in a year, not where your skill level is right now. My biggest mistake was under pricing myself.
- Liz Cox
Purposeful shooting every single day. 
- Jamie Lu
The newest model camera and and most expensive and cool gear on the market means nothing.. Learn how to use it and you will have stunning shots with the gear that you have.. Expensive gear is worthless if you don't know how to use it... Try a different perspective and angle...
- Shanoah Rankin
March 28, 2017 — Elena Ringeisen