What's the secret to success?


It’s actually quite simple. If you want to succeed; learn to work hard. 
Learn to work hard on the easy days, and the hard days.


I get it; there are a million books out there dedicated to becoming successful. I teach a business class to help fellow entrepreneurs become successful by assisting them to create a business they are passionate about. Do NOT confuse someone willing to help you learn the traits of becoming successful with handing you your success on a silver platter. I can promise you, no one will do it for you, and it’s up to you to get up every day, show up, and put in the hard work. The only thing I can tell you what worked for me, and I can push you forward when you feel like quitting, but I will not do the hard work for you because that has to come from you. 


No amount of knowledge will get you there unless you’re willing to take the advice and put in the hard work yourself. My business mentoring is not here to sell you a secret one-page formula on how to go from rags to riches, from concept to success. IF I had to create a one-page cheat sheet for those looking for it I would write these simple words on it;




Building a successful business is something that took me years with very little to no reward — followed by years of ups and downs. But I wasn’t phased by the hard work it was going to take because I knew this is what I wanted to do.


Ask anyone successful at what they do if it was easy, and they will tell you the same; It took hard work and dedication. That’s the secret formula. 


Is it worth it? Yes. More importantly, ask yourself if you’re ready to put in the hard work yourself. Are you willing to never call it quits? Even on the hard days? Because the way I see it is that you only have two choices. You can either continue on your search for the easy path to success and make excuses as to why it’s not working for you. Or you can quit making excuses and use the knowledge you are given and start working hard. I think you know which of those will get you where you want to be. 


If you’re reading this and thinking “but I have worked hard…really hard, and it’s just not working for me” then I get that too because I spent plenty of time working hard and not moving into the right direction. That time spent was not wasted, even though it can sometimes feel like that. This is what I like to mentor other creatives on. For these cases, it’s not the work ethic that is the problem; it’s just not directed to the right things yet. For those people, it’s easy for me to analyze what they are doing, how their current business is set up, explain to them where they need to focus, and see progress. But in the end, it will continue requiring hard work. Day in and day out.


I’ve learned that people who are successful at what they do, love the process. They enjoy the hard work that comes with it. They don’t look for shortcuts. They aren’t looking for a special secret formula. They don’t expect anyone to do it for them. They know that the work they put in themselves is going to get them there. It might not be today, or tomorrow, or next month but they know that if they continue working hard they will reach their goals and the same goes for you. 


If you want success, it’s time to start being passionate about working hard. It’s time to love the process. Because the process is what will get you there, I promise. 

It’s time to start working on yourself, by yourself, for yourself. I’m years into running my business, and I am just getting started because I know that today, is only part of the process. A process I like to call hard work. 


It’s time to stop believing that there’s a secret formula to success other than working hard and START believing in yourself being capable of reaching the goals you set!



December 02, 2018 — Elena Ringeisen