"My name is Brooke and my secret power is photographing love in an authentic way. A way that tells the whole story, from the whisper in her ear to a smear of lipstick on his cheek to your babe reaching for her mama’s hand. More love-soaked and dreamy than you ever imagined, but more honest and raw in the same breath.

I don’t do boring, cookie-cutter, or anyone-could-have-taken-that. I do passionate, romantic, authentic, soulful. I’m equally drawn to the light and the dark; the pretty pretty and the nitty gritty. I tell both sides of the story.

I can tell you about how I can’t live without twirling outside in the morning light even though I am a grown woman with a husband and two babies. I can tell you that I’d rather spend my life on vacation than in a giant house, that I will never get enough of the ocean or my two-year-old’s belly laughs or my baby’s coos or anything involving rose gold and thinking outside the box–but I’d rather tell you about these photos. Why they’re here. What we’re going to make together. So if you get a feeling in your gut, if something inside you stirs when you look at these photos, I would be absolutely honored to photograph your best day and the relationships you care about the most.

We’re going to make magic together–and whether it’s your wedding day or an ordinary day with your favorite souls in the world, I want nothing less than magic for you."

Brooke Schultz Photography
“A place where photographers can get inspired, learn and continue to grow.
In addition to offering some of the best products for professionals, we are excited to start featuring photographers from around the world and showcase their portraits documenting what they love.”
November 03, 2018 — Elena Ringeisen

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