Olya Vitulli is an artist specializing in lifestyle and travel photography. She is inspired by the soft glowing quality of natural light, neutral color palette, organic textures and the genuine human connection. Heartfelt moments of pure happiness, tears of laughter and ecstatic joy, occasions during which we feel beautiful and loved and time spent in the arms of those who are dear to us. Such are the precious moments that we often desire to pause and preserve for the rest of our lives. She cherishes the honor of being invited to capture such intimate and tender moments that shape her clients life. She aspires to create images that are delicate, elegant and timeless - evoking authentic emotion.

Her primary medium for photography is film. She adores its timelessness and charm. To her, film has a unique way of capturing the depth of light and color.

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Olya Vitulli
New York City, New York
“A place where photographers can get inspired, learn and continue to grow.
In addition to offering some of the best products for professionals, we are excited to start featuring photographers from around the world and showcase their portraits documenting what they love.”
January 10, 2018 — Elena Ringeisen

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