"I'm Lelia. Mother of four, wife to the most amazing man I know, and baby photographer in Portland Oregon.  I am drawn to the simple things in life: my kids' laughter, a sunny summer afternoon, and calm waves at the beach.  Early in life, I was an adventurer. I traveled the world. I hiked mountains and explored trails. Then I became a mother and everything changed. Kids brought a beauty into my life that I had never experienced before. And I was determined to capture that beauty through my lens.

What makes my photographer's soul happy? Golden light, earthen tones, organic textures. And emotion. The emotion of laughter, joy and innocence that our kids bring into our lives. That's what I look for when I click the shutter, and that's what I want to pass on to you: a glimpse into your beautiful, sunny world as parents.

Cadeau Photography was started in 2012. During the past few years, I have specialized in natural newborn and family photography. I love photographing babies in their first few days of life as well as throughout their milestones. I also specialize in authentic family portraits."

Cadeau Photography
Portland Oregon
“A place where photographers can get inspired, learn and continue to grow.
In addition to offering some of the best products for professionals, we are excited to start featuring photographers from around the world and showcase their portraits documenting what they love.”
August 25, 2018 — Elena Ringeisen

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