By making this information public I hope that fellow photographers, entrepreneurs, and business owners can follow along and get inspired to peruse what they are passionate about. I manage every aspect of my business myself. I do not have a team that works for me or an assistant to help with the little things that need to get done. Everything you see is done by me personally. I hope that these income reports help inspires entrepreneurs to go after what they love. Remember, anything is possible with the right type of plan

a little bit about me for those who are new...

I am a mother, wife, business coach, product creator, and photographer who specializes in naturally styled portraiture. I started Modern Baby Photography & Modern Bride Photography with a passion in documenting real moments. My passion grew more and more over the years and I realized that I also loved creating products to help make it easier for me to run my business. I started sharing these products with other photographers and that's when Modern Market came about. It's now the largest online marketplace for professional photographers around the world with products ranging from pricing tools, marketing templates, blog themes, educational resources and so much more. I love dreaming big and helping fellow creatives turn their dreams into a reality through personal online business coaching.

Once a month I take the time to go over my personal business finances. I write down what I made, as well as how many expenses I had. It's a great way for me to hold myself accountable in reaching my personal goals and showing others that owning your own business by doing something you are incredibly passionate about is absolutely possible.

In addition to writing down my income and expense report, I will also go over what strategies I implemented, what I am currently focusing on, as well as my goals for the upcoming month. By reading these income reports you'll get a front row seat to watching me run my business, so that should hopefully be interesting. Hopefully, I don't put you to sleep with talking numbers and showing you graphs. 

I'll use this first post as a way to list ALL income reports in one convenient place. I started them officially in November of 2016 but will try and backtrack all my stats to January 2015. I've kept records of everything i've done in the last two years and although it will be time consuming to do, it will be great to see the progress. The income reports that are underlined are completed and ready to be viewed!

January 2015 - $5,733

February 2015 - $3,194

March 2015 - $15,203

April 2015 - $34,529

May 2015 - $32,608

June 2015 - $26,426

July 2015 - $33,179

August 2015 - $18,144

September 2015 - $26,459

October 2015 - $30,041

November 2015 - $55,412

December 2015 - $35,636

January 2016 - $36,233

February 2016 - $28,631

March 2016 - $38,783

April 2016 - $34,988

May 2016 - $32,586

June 2016 - $23,960 

July 2016 - $26,477

August 2016 - $28,540

September 2016 - $24,711

October 2016 Income Report - $30,589

November 2016 Income Report - $43,258

December 2016 Income Report - $30,112

January 2017 Income Report - $39,015

February 2017 Income Report - $32,338

March 2017 Income Report - $38,880

April 2017 Income Report - $36,205




Turning dreams into reality is my specialty! This online business success class covers all my business secrets and I'll show you how I went from making 10K in a year to one that made me over $105,000 during 90 days! This class is for photographers who are truly ready to build the business of their dreams and learn the important steps in developing a strong business, brand, and client base. When I first start my photography business I had to learn a lot of important things by trial and error. After years of building a business of my own I'm excited to share all my business knowledge with those of you that are ready to build something you are truly proud of. Something that will make you independently strong as a person and as a business owner. If you have a dream and are willing to work hard at it then you'll absolutely love this class -- It will completely change your life.


November 01, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen

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