Botanica balances elegant sparkle and organic glow. Dressed with simple, classic typography and fresh, delicate details, this template shows your photography in a new light making it irresistible for the feminine minimalist.

Botanica Pro Photo Theme offers the option of a Static Home Page, a perfect way to introduce your work, as well as provide navigation links to essential pages of your site. It’s full width masthead showcases your best photography with a clean and modern approach, while the Welcome Section Template below it serves as a perfect place to add SEO meta data. The Recent Posts Grid dynamically updates new posts as you blog, refreshing your site as often as you update! Botanica is capped with another menu button area for useful quick links, as well as an organized Footer, perfect for contact and location information.

With Botanica, any ProPhoto Feature goes! It’s made to be versatile to your specific needs. You are not locked into any particular design element, page layout or website structure.

Botanica also includes a custom About Page Layout, Contact graphic, and three complimentary Post Layout Templates to add interest to your blog photos and ensure that your branding looks great all across the board! Additionally, Botanica includes 11 social media icons to connect with your audience!

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March 22, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen

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