Ever want to turn your image into a warm, sunlit dreamland? This photoshop action does exactly that. I've put together two photoshop actions that compliment each other and turn harsh greens into a warm beautiful color tones. The second action is called Airy and thats exactly what it does, adds a tiny bit of whit light as the finishing touch. Bring your digital photography to the next level!

Here are some before and afters of what this actions can create: 

Don't like using actions and rather learn how to edit like this in just a few simple steps in photoshop? You'll love the summer light post processing video which will teach you exactly how to create this look by making a couple adjustments and teach you some digital photography tips so you can create consistent beautiful work

Click Here To View The Post Processing Photography Video Tutorial 


March 31, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen


Auste said:

Hi Elena, Just fell upon your blog and I’m loving the informative content you’re posting. When I attempted to click on the video tutorial above however, the link was broken or no longer existing (PAGE NOT FOUND). Just wanted to give you a heads up incase it’s something you’re not offering anymore or if it’s simply broken.

I look forward to following this blog and learning from you.

Thank you kindly! Best,


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