It turns out that you all love the 11-in-1 Essential Studio Planner as much as I do! And for that I am pleased and grateful. I love the business side of photography as much as (if not more than *gasp*) taking the photos, so it’s very exciting that your businesses are booming with the help of these photography materials.

Some of the product reviews:

“Bought it, downloaded it, and it works like a charm!!”
That’s the beauty of Modern Market products. They are available for instant download as soon as it is purchased. Why wait when technology makes things so readily available?

“This is amazing! Thanks for saving me tons of time and aggravation!”
One of the struggles that brought me to creating the planner was the aggravation I felt when I was sifting through papers and files searching for the one piece of information I know is right on the table. Now you have the ability to open one document and “Ctrl+F” to find that hiding piece of info.

“Thanks for creating such a great tool for photographers, this is a must have!”
The treasure is in the detail, here. This is not your standard business planner. This is geared specifically for photographers with specific tools like a space for booking clients and then the client info including a session checklist.

The 11-in-1 Essential Studio Planner is just $80 and is ready for immediate download. Are you ready to organize your business in one place and one place only? Let me know how this particular photograhpy material helps your business!

Click here to read more about everything the planner can offer.

June 03, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen

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