I’m so excited to do this camera bag review. For the past two years I have been using a pretty little Epiphanie bag (the Lola) and I really do love it, and it has been a solid camera bag for the past 2 years BUT I really needed something with a little more room, something a little more functional with a few more little pockets for all my little stuff. The hunt began and of course I looked all over Pintrest trying to find one that was big enough for all my gear. I came across Jo Totes Missy bag and kind of fell in love. Not just the size of it but also that pretty pastel aqua blue and the pretty design.

It came in the main two days ago and today I had the time to organize it and see how all my gear fit. After getting those little velcro dividers where they needed to be and breaking a sweat it was time to see if all my camera gear would actually fit.

I grabbed all my usual gear and laid it out in front of me. – Oh also the bag arrived in a big box wrapped in a little blue jo tote protective bag. I love little special things like that. Below are some detail shots of the camera itself AND a picture of all the items that fit into this bag (pretty impressive right!?)

I love everything about the bag. It’s easy to carry. Easy to keep my lenses and gear organized. LOTS of room. The color and design is so pretty. Best of all it is VERY functional. What more can a camera girl wish for!?

December 29, 2014 — Elena Ringeisen
Tags: Reviews

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