AVAILABLE HERE: http://www.modernmarket.co/collections/welcome-packets/products/client-welcome-packet-marketing-set-for-professional-photographers-the-organic-collection



Here’s what’s included with your purchase:

  • Business Card Design | 3.5"x2" Card
  • Welcome & About Design | 5"x5" Lay Flat Card
  • Wall Display Inspiration | 5"x5" Trifold Accordion
  • The Custom Photography Experience | 5"x7" Lay Flat Card
  • Booking Process Design | 5"x5" Trifold Accordion
  • Session Reminder (date, time, location) 5"x7" Lay Flat Card
  • What to Wear | 5"x7" Lay Flat Card
  • Thank you Card Design | 5"x7" Folding Card
  • Gift Certificate Designs | 5"x5" Lay Flat Card
  • Referral Card Design Two Options |  5"x7" Lay Flat Card
  • Price List Template | 8"x11" Sheet
  • Sticker Template Design

You can take a deep breath of relaxation knowing that these materials are an effortless download away. Modern Market strives to go above and beyond to prepare you for simple success by taking the time to consider the minute details such as great clothing suggestions for your best photos as well as referral cards to pass along and grow your business. We’ve prepared everything above so that all you have to do is insert your business name and a little text about yourself before you’re ready to go.

This particular Welcome Packet offers natural, organic tones and typography. We love the simplicity because it lets your client truly shine. If you love the beautiful textures of a natural palette that creates an elegant ambiance, and if you want to work with clients that appreciate this beauty, then The Organic Collection is the perfect set of photography materials for you and your business.

The Organic Collection Welcome Packet is available here:


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