It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Holidays are quickly approaching which means your clients are in the mood for some beautiful family portraits. The picturesque backdrops of a snowy range are stunning. The young child frolicking on a snow-swept bridge is absolutely tear-jerking. But the trick of the trade isn’t having hot cocoa waiting as a prize at the end of the photo shoot to warm the young children and the beautiful family, but rather shooting your photos inside a toasty warm studio and applying these elegant, yet simple, digital holiday backdrops.

It’s never too early to think about your holiday photo specials! Our holiday backdrops offer you quick and easy downloads so that you can begin working with these right away. We also include detailed, step-by-step written instructions for you to follow as well as a video tutorial. This product requires that you have a photo editing software like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Paint Shop Pro because you must be able to work with layers. The beauty of working with layers is that you can offer your clients a wide variety of end products while using the same original photo.

The holiday package you choose should depend upon the style of photos you like to produce and the ideal client you like to work with. We offer you many different backdrops so you can fit Modern Market designs into your own business profile.

Check this one out! Isn’t that baby’s ambiance so precious with the lighting?

How about this one? Santa doesn’t just show up to all the photo shoots, so to be considerate about his time, use this great digital backdrop of Santa’s feet!

If you just can’t decide which digital backdrops will suit your business best, we recommend the entire Holiday Collection for just $65.

This Holiday Collection includes:

  • The #1 best selling Christmas Lights Holiday Backdrop
  • 5 Snow Overlays
  • Santa’s Feet Backdrop
  • Gold Ornaments Backdrop
  • 4 Light Overlays
  • 4 Winter Scene Backdrops

Click here to purchase your entire Holiday Collection:

Not interested in the best holiday deal for your digital backdrops? That’s cool, too! Click here to check out the individual downloads available.


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