The Holidays are a great time to connect with our friends and family that we haven’t spoken with too frequently over the past year. Holiday cards are a simple way to send a photo of your family with a lovely note sharing good tidings for the coming year.

We aren’t the only ones that send out cards! Many of your clients will be looking for the best photographer to take a portrait and deliver an outstanding product that truly showcases the essence of family and the holidays. That’s you! And Modern Market is here to make this even easier for your business. We love creating digital holiday backdrops and lighting overlays so you can increase your holiday card selections and offer your clients the most elegant and beautiful photos of the season.

The Holiday Collection from Modern Market is a digital download, so you can start prepping for the big holiday rush as soon as you make your purchase. There’s just one thing required to use this product: you must have a photo editing software capable of using layers. We recommend Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Paint Shop Pro. Even if you’ve never used a digital backdrop before, as long as you have one of these programs you’ll be an expert in no time. The download comes with written step-by-step instructions as well as a video tutorial.

Digital backdrops add a certain sparkle to a traditional photo - that’s the beauty of the twenty-first century and digital editing software. The Holidays are an ideal time for going above and beyond - so show your clients you know what’s up by taking their photos to the next level. Not only will you capture a the family’s beauty in the photograph, but you’ll also be able to create a wonderful product with the addition of holiday themed backdrops like ornaments or lights, snow overlays to create the perfect winter wonderland, or Santa’s feet for the perfect Christmas touch.

Don’t delay any longer! Start producing beautiful Holiday card photos with the download of Modern Market’s Holiday Digital Backdrop Collection, available for just $65. Click this link to purchase it today.

Are you interested in just a few pieces of this collection? We offer each item individually. Click the link below to shop through the different options.


November 06, 2015 — Elena Ringeisen

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