Let’s be honest. When it comes to running a photography business, photographers tend to enjoy the photography more than the business. Am I right? I think so. It’s our passion; it’s what we love. I’m also thankful that I can turn my passion into my business, and now I’m here to help you transform your passion into a business with this very, very helpful tool.

The Photography Pricing Calculator collects three pieces of your financial information and then calculates everything for you - instantly! You can take the hassle out of trying to determine the price to charge for sessions and let this glorious technology to the hard work for you.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Monthly Expenses
  • Monthly Income Goals
  • Number Of Sessions You’d Like To Shoot In A Month

This information can provide you with an exact price you should charge in order to stay fair in the market while meeting your financial goals.

Modern Market offers two different price calculators for you to add to your photography materials. The first page of the photography pricing calculator is perfect for those that do portrait photography with set session times. It can calculate how much to charge per session as well as for different prints and digital file prices.

The calculator has a second page that is perfect for those that do wedding photography or any type of event that is typically charged by the hour. Stop feeling the pressure of the photography quote with a great tool such as this. The calculator breaks down the price by hour so your time is properly accounted for as well as the digital editing and final product prices.

For just $49 you can have both versions of the photography pricing calculator, but please make sure you have Microsoft Excel, Open Office, or Google Sheets (which is FREE!) to use this product.

Hopefully this calculator is one of those photography materials that alleviates your business stress and lets you focus more on your passion. Enjoy!

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