The new year is upon us. Sayonara, 2015 and hello, 2016!

Take the opportunity NOW to make 2016 the most fruitful year in both your photography business and “real life” opportunities. I love the fresh start of a new year. It gives me the excuse to crack open a brand new calendar, set my goals, and get to work. But I know that it can be absolutely troublesome if I try and get anything accomplished without first laying out my plan. There’s always something else to do, and if I’m not organized then I spread myself too thin and end up slacking in executing excellence or wasting time. So I’ve taken it upon myself to create tools that make it impossible to become unorganized, and now I want to share my photography materials with you!

2016’s Best Organizational Business Photography Materials

Complete Photography Business Planner

This photography business planner includes over 20 different organizational sections that encompass the entirety of your photography business. From the necessary 2016 calendar to To-Do Lists, Social Media Planners, Client Booking Sheets, Finance Income and Expense Trackers, and more, you’ll be sure to have an organized year. The $30 download is 62 pages in two PDF files, and I promise it’s worth it!

Download the Complete Photography Business Planner here.

11-in-1 Essential Studio Manager

The 11-in-1 studio manager takes the best pieces of the complete business planner and puts it all into one electronic Excel document. With different pages for different tasks, everything stays separated but together - how does that make sense? Each Excel page features a different business element (Daily Business Duties, Client Database, Client Booking Sheet, etc.), but all sheets are in one document for your convenience. This Excel file can be downloaded for just $80, which includes any future update I make to the product.

Download the 11-in-1 Essential Studio Manager here.

Photography Pricing Calculator

Take advantage of the new year and evaluate your pricing. Using this pricing calculator will show you just how much you should be charging per session. By inputting your expenses, goals, and projections, the triangular calculations can determine the exact amount you should charge per session. Photographers who have used this calculator have made as much as $3,000+ per session!

Download the Photography Pricing Calculator here.

Yearly Social Media Schedule

The easiest, most casual way to share your photography business is through social media. So many leads can be generated through routine postings. The Yearly Social Media Schedule allows you to write posts ahead of time and schedule the appropriate posting time for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. Take advantage of your good writing days by creating multiple posts, and then time them perfectly to post throughout the coming days and weeks to take advantage of prime sharing times. You can monitor the highest traffic time for your pages and ensure posts are shared at that time - even when you’re not at your computer!

Download the Yearly Social Media Schedule here.

The best thing you can do to grow your business is to add these studio success tools to your ever-growing collection of photography materials. You won’t be sorry that you took the time to get organized when 2016 is your most successful business year yet. Plus, all that time you save being organized can be spent doing what you love!

Happy 2016!

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