Photography is unique in that it has no boundaries. Literally anything can be photographed. Photographs capture moments that cannot be lived again. Photographs share our memories with the ones we love. The great thing about owning a photography business is you get to share in these moments with your clients. Though you may fade in the memory, taking your editing to the next level is one way to ensure the work you produce will hold a dear place in your client’s hearts forever.

Digital backdrops are a simple tool that photographers can use to add a spark to a traditional photograph. From newborns to newlyweds, there’s a digital backdrop that can take an original photograph from good to astounding.

Newborns look darling placed next to holiday or seasonal props. You can shop through our collection of animal digital backdrops, holiday digital backdrops, buckets and props as digital overlays, chairs and sofas, and more. It can be tough to get children to actually pose with props or in a different setting. Digital backdrops create unique photos that are genuinely precious. Just look at this kiddo! So cute!

Wedding photos are one collection that is shown to many friends and family, so wedding clients tend to love the extra editing to give a truly superior product. This Sparkler Overlay (available here) allows you to overlay a message, name, heart, numbers, and the word love onto the photo.

Click here to shop the large selection of Modern Market’s digital backdrops. They’re available for instant download after purchase.

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