Newborn portraits are precious because our little subjects are so precious. There’s a very small window to take advantage of the beautiful new babies because they grow so quickly. If you’re a lucky photographer that specializes in newborn photography and would like to improve your post-processing technique, or if you’re a photographer that is just branching into the newborn portraiture world, you’ll really like learning photo editing through my video tutorials.

I like to do photo editing tutorials because they give me the opportunity to walk through step-by-step as I edit a photo. Newborn photos are especially fun because the babies are amazing. There are quite a few simple tricks that can take a photo from, under exposed lighting, different color casts and obvious little tricks we like to use in posing newborns to beautifully natural lighting, perfect skin tones and of course these little newborns look absolutely beautiful.

Do you see what I mean?

In my newborn photo editing tutorials, you can learn about clean edits, creating beautiful, smooth skin, adjusting skin tone, fixing red/purple hands and feet, getting all details to really shine, and more. For just $30, you can download the video tutorial immediately. It’s a little over thirty minutes, and I walk you through my process as I hand edit the photo. I won’t use any actions during this photo editing tutorial.

You can purchase this video tutorial HERE! Enjoy editing those great photos of the sweetest, little babies. I love to see before and after photos, so please share when you’re done!

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