Sunsets are magical. The beauty simply radiates through the sky, illuminating the world for a last little bit before each day sets. How great would it be if we could bottle up that beauty?

“Pretty great,” you might exclaim.

Since I am a photographer and business owner, I haven’t had the time to dedicate to bottling sunsets, but I have figured out how to capture them in photographs for preservation. You can, too! I’ll show you how in my Summer Sky Transformation photo editing video tutorials.

This video tutorial is just over 15 minutes and is available for download immediately following purchase. You need QuickTime Player installed on your computer to watch my photo editing tutorials.

Check out this before and after!

The tutorial consists of watching me go through post-processing step-by-step. I use Lightroom 4 to take you through editing a dark, gray, beach photo (that really should be a beautiful sunset!) and turn it into a bright, colorful representation of what the photograph actually captured.

The Summer Sky Transformation is part of a series of photo editing tutorials that are called Dream, Learn, Create. I founded these tutorials by that name because I want you to dream of the photo’s transformation in post-processing; I want you to learn the steps needed to make the transformation a reality; I want you to create your own beautiful images to preserve for all time. It’s the little things in life that bring us happiness - like looking at a photograph of a beautiful sunset and remembering the walk on the beach. Or you can apply this to your business and truly transform your client’s photographs. It’s amazing what a little bit of practice can achieve.

Click here to purchase this photo editing tutorial for just $30, download it immediately, and get to creating!

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