Many photographers struggle to find the light in the deep sea of business competition. But we are light chasers, so I know you want to succeed. While our photographs speak words we cannot, there’s another aspect to creating a truly successful photography business that seemingly helps you create something unique. Organization is a characteristic that turns a fine business into a great business. Organization makes clients feel comfortable because it builds trust. With so many different photography materials, there’s always room to improve with organization. I’ve fought this battle for quite some time until I decided that enough was enough! I am staying organized because it’s the right thing to do for my business, my family, and my life.

I challenge you to organize your photography materials, business plan, and process in order to make 2016 the most fruitful year yet for your business.

A big part of my organization success stems from planning and managing my studio and clients. An organized studio means I am ready to present my business to clients. Happy clients benefit from organization because it appears that there’s nothing else they could ever need! That’s the key - become the last photographer for this client.

Organize your business presentation. Create a welcome packet that showcases your capabilities, states your products and prices, and keeps all client information in one place.

Track your expenses and profits. Managing the books can be challenging, but with tools like the 11-in-1 Studio Manager and price calculators, you can track exactly what you’re spending and what you need to charge per session to meet your business goals.

There’s always more room to organize your photography materials and business. This complete planner includes it all.

While these tips may seem small, I promise they’ll make a big impact.

Cheers to an organized 2016!

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