In an era of immediate access to knowledge, entertainment, and photography at the click of a button (which is an almost outdated act in itself!), many people struggle to stay relevant with what the people want. However, it’s not impossible! Have you thought about taking any digital photography courses for your business? Do you know if you’re charging the right prices for the market? Stay tuned to learn the three tips that always help photographers stay relevant in the 21st Century.


1. Social Media

For a little more than ten years now, our society has been introduced to and has absorbed social media. Facebook was invented in 2004 for university students to connect with peers. Now, Facebook is used to share personal stories, collaborate in collective groups, and to promote your business. You need to promote your business on Facebook! People love to look at photographs, and it gives potential clients a great look at your work. Using the Yearly Social Media Planner, you can pre-write and schedule social media posts so you don’t have to think about it each and every day. Don’t forget about the other media outlets, too - Twitter and Instagram are other great options. Twitter and Facebook offer trending topics, some of which only last a fraction of a moment while others trend for months or years. If you’re itching to stay extremely relevant, follow these trends and market quickly on Facebook to find clients that are attracted to the same trends.

2. Perfect Pricing

The challenge of making enough money is ever-looming. But what if I told you that there was a simple way to figure out just how much to charge for each session you book? Using the price calculator, you can determine your expenses, set your goals, and calculate a price per session that will work for both. Most importantly you'll charge exactly what you need to in order to reach your financial goals. Stay competitive by providing high quality photographs, customer service, and products that are affordable to clients while still growing your business.

3. Professional Advice

Most importantly, you must always continue making yourself better. Stay tuned with what’s happening in your world, keep up with holidays, and snag a few tricks for your secret stash that make you a better photographer. Consider taking digital photography courses that teach better business practices, learn lightroom to streamline the post-processing process, or branch out of your comfort zone to see what the world has to offer. If you’re the best you can be, you’ll find the clients that match your persona.

I love continuing to push myself. Setting new goals and reaching them boosts my confidence. I want this for you! I challenge you to keep your photography business relevant by following these three tips. What are your goals in 2016? Keep me posted through blog comments, e-mail, or sign up for a private business evaluation so we can chat directly (in person in Florida or Skype where it doesn’t matter where you are)!


Photography Video Tutorials said:

As we know, photography trends keeps on changing day by day and we need to implement different methods and strategies according to the preferences.
Thanks for sharing the method on how to keep relevant Images.

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