A tough aspect to owning a photography business is managing the legal aspect of client contracts. I am so thankful to have a helping hand when it comes to the contracts portion of Modern Market’s photography materials. I partnered with Rebecca, a woman who is an awesome, combo photographer-lawyer extraordinaire, to help create a standard for legal forms that specifically target the photography industry. She created amazing forms that nail down the nitty gritty legal jargon with such detail without blowing past the creative aspects of a photographer. They are perfect. 

Legal Forms

  • Complete Wedding Agreement, $89
  • Portrait Agreement, $59
  • Birth Photography Agreement, $59
  • Boudoir Photography Agreement, $59 
  • High School Senior Agreement, $59
  • Model Release, $25
  • Print Release, $19
  • Event Photography Agreement, $59

 All Photography Contracts & Legal Forms Available Here

Once you’ve purchased and downloaded the legal form, it is yours to keep forever! Use these forms to create legally binding contracts with your clients in order to protect your clients and your business. Most contracts involve provisions like contact information, payment information, session dates, services needed, liability, copyright, and more. You can customize the forms to fit your photography brand, but we advise you do not alter the contract language too much in order to prevent any accidental changes that can affect the authenticity of the contract.

To view and purchase the legal forms from Modern Market, click here to zoom to our Legal Forms & Workflow. If you’d like to see any other types of contracts or photography materials, please send me an email; I’m always open to new ideas!

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