Do you struggle to keep your photography business competitive and profitable? Both portrait and wedding photographers can benefit from using this slick tool that tells you exactly what you should charge per session or wedding.

It is easily calculated - with the help of handy Excel formulas, that is. Modern Market has figured out a way to triangulate the numbers, taking your profit goals, business expenses, and number of sessions into account to create the perfect amount for you to charge your clients.

Portrait Photography Pricing Calculator
The calculator gives you the base amount that you need to charge in order to meet your goals and cover your expenses. It analyzes data from the month as well as the year to give you a current price and a price that serves as more of an outlook to come. The calculator also breaks out the specific prices for selling different dimension prints of portraits (including three sample print collections) and pricing for the rights to digital files.

Wedding Photography Pricing Calculator
Like the portrait calculator, the wedding photography calculator analyzes the data from the month and the year to create the best price for your business. The difference here is that the wedding price is broken down to an hourly rate. Moreover, the wedding calculator gives eight different calculations for different packages to offer.

Turn your financial goals into a reality with the help of the simple pricing calculator, available at Modern Market for just $49. You get two calculators and half the stress - that’s a win, win, win.

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