Ever since I was a little girl, the Easter Bunny has been a part of our family holiday tradition. He comes each year and delivers baskets with colorful eggs and candy. Now I share the tradition of the Easter Bunny with my children, in more ways than just an Easter basket. While I always pictured a gigantic bunny hopping through the houses delivering baskets on Easter morning, I now incorporate the Bunny into a more tangible, more fuzzy-looking reality. I bring Easter to my family and friends through digital photography and amazing technology. Just look at how cute this photo of the little girl and the bunny is and know that you can create these special photos, too. All you need are some spirited digital backdrops.

The tradition of the Easter Bunny is suspected to go back through ages and ages prior to the common era. Stories have traveled through generations about the symbolism of rabbits as fertility and new life, much like the symbols of spring. Bunnies are known to be very fertile creatures that are soft and full of life. For those reasons, Americans have adopted the tradition of the Easter Bunny as a symbol for the secular holiday celebration.

Americans celebrate Easter in both religious and secular ways. One thing is for sure: the Easter Bunny has been an important symbol for the holiday for many, many years. It can be up to you to keep this tradition going by offering your clients themed Easter photos. Awh!

Do you want to spread Easter cheer? Then create a conglomerate of special photos with the entire Easter Collection of digital backdrops.

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