Have you ever tried to organize 11 things at once? That just seems crazy! Do you have 11 cameras? How do you organize your photography materials? Do you have 11 clients? How do you organize your beautiful subjects? Do you have 11 different elements to your photography business? How do you organize to make each and every piece fruitful and easy? The trick is simple, but before I give away the answers, here are 11 different ways you could organize the elements of your business.

If one thing is true about photographers, it’s that each photographer has a unique way of doing things. It is your style. It is your art. It is your business. Which of these 11 speaks to you?

There are folders of many colors and patterns that will get the job done. Keeping a different business aspect in its own folder makes sure every piece of paper has its own place; although, this may get difficult when it comes to collecting contact information over the years.

The beauty of a notebook is that you can use the paper to sketch ideas, note brilliant thoughts, and tape or glue in any important item. The trouble of a notebook is you’d need to track 11 different notebooks for the 11 different parts of your business. That’s a tall stack of notebooks.

Google Drive
The age of technology has been a blessing for organization. After creating a Gmail account, you can have access to a file drive in the cloud. Whenever you login to your account online, you can access the different parts of your business. Moreover, Google has tons of different apps such as documents, spreadsheets, calendar, and much, much more that can ease business organization. But if you don’t have the internet, then you can’t access your business, and that’s tough. Good thing you can’t upload cameras or other photography materials to the Google Drive so you can always count on taking some exquisite photos, even if the internet is broken.

Ah, the Rolodex. If you’re looking for a simple way to organize your clients, you can always count on the Rolodex to get the job done right. It can get tough to organize any other piece of the business using this, but it’s fun to flip through when you hit a block, so it may be worth it.

There are plenty of apps in the tech world that can help organize a business. Shoeboxed is an expense-tracking app that gathers information with a quick photo of the receipt. It’s free for Apple and Android. The Idea Organizer app is like a note taker that follows you around wherever you go. Speak into your phone and track voice memos so you never forget the brilliant thought that just crossed your mind.

Organization software
You could spend tens of hundreds of dollars on an organizational software or organizational business. One thing I’ve found to be difficult is finding a software that has every aspect I need for a photography business. There are some photography materials such as portrait packages, spot locations, and a few other things that deserve to be tracked.

Do you have an studio with plenty of space for organization? Drawers are a great way to add furniture to a room while giving yourself the different choices for placing different things. There are drawers of all different sizes that can hold any little nick-nack, camera accessory, or photoshoot prop you may want to keep organized.

Desk space
Because, let’s face it. It’s easier to keep piles of papers in stacks that seemingly overlap, but are placed with sheer precision, of course! You’ll always find the paper, but you may spend away half of your day. Desk space should be the space for the current project.

If you may not be as fortunate to have a lot of studio space for a desk and drawers, you can use boxes to serve the same purpose. Like drawers, boxes come in all sizes, so you can give your different photography materials a proper place to live. You can organize your equipment, paperwork, and portrait supplies (among many other things, of course) into boxes of different shapes, colors, and styles to give your business a fun and organized feeling.

A Personal Assistant
An assistant is someone who loves your business just as much as you do but is also willing to do a bit of the grunt work. You can consider your personal assistant your third and fourth hands as you twirl from a photoshoot into business mode. Between the two of you, those 11 tasks will seem pretty manageable!


When you use spreadsheets to organize your business, you’re combining many of these previous elements into one space. Using Excel or Google Sheets, you can manage the 11 different business angles as 11 different sheets within one document. Now it’s always in the same place and you can copy and paste the sheets year after year so you can become the organizational master. 

While you could go ahead and create any of these 11 methods for organizing your photography materials, studio, and business, you may want to consider this. Drum roll, please!

The 11-in-1 Essential Studio Manager! It is a collection of spreadsheets specifically designed for photographers. This simple tool will bring you out of a messy darkness. No more throwing around pieces of paper searching for that one business card you need when you can open the tab to your client database, “Ctrl+F” to pinpoint exactly where you need to be, and have the information immediately. (If you don’t know “Ctrl+F,” try it. It’ll change your life).

Check out this video to see how simple it is to make your organizational dreams come true. You’ll find success when you can spend your time focusing on growing your business or photographing your favorite people without worrying about the nitty gritty details.

It’s not too late to start organizing for 2016! The 11-in-1 Essential Studio Manager is just $80 and is available for instant download. Each year you’ll receive a free update with the new calendar. I truly hope you find as much success with this organizational method as I do.

Do you want a few more tips about how to keep your studio and photography materials in check? Browse through the rest of the Studio Success Tools that Modern Market offers; you won’t be disappointed!

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