Creating beautiful beach portraits can be a little tricky at times. Lighting can change quite quickly and it's easy to fall short when it comes to a stunning sunset our clients love so much. This step by step will show  you exactly the steps to take to create the most stunning beach portraits, all by hand, with a little help of some of my stunning sky overlays. (my sky overlay bundle comes with 164 sky overlays, so if you would love some help on adding beautiful sunsets to your portraits then you might want to take a look at those!)  

For those that are new to using sky overlays here's a free video tutorial on how those work; 

Lindi Beckett from Lindi-Mari Photography posted an image in my photography photography business success class. Although this business success class is focused on the business side, every week I either take the time to CC their recent work, or in this weeks case offer to show them how to create edits using one of their portraits. 

Alright let's get started on demonstrating the steps I took to create the beach portrait before and after. 


February 17, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen

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