The beauty of owning your own photography business is that you get the pleasure of working with clients in different settings throughout the year. There are some clients that love to be photographed during the different seasons, embracing all that Mother Nature has to offer through the changing times. What a great opportunity to capture beautiful nature and beautiful subjects!

Other clients, however, may want to stick to the studio where it’s comfortable. You can create stunning images that take your client directly into nature for an entire year using these 12 digital seasonal backdrops, and your client won’t have to step one foot outside of your studio.

There are quite a few different reasons you may want to add the Seasonal Digital Backdrop Collection to your portfolio.

  • You can place your clients into a different setting that matches a certain time of year. Whether you are taking one client through many beautiful places with just a few clicks of the mouse or are using the backdrops to capture many different clients throughout the year, the seasonal backdrops are simple, beautiful, and timely ways to create great settings.
  • Parents of newborns may love this package and visit you each month to take progressive photos of their growing child and let you place them into each setting. 
  • These digital backdrops help you to quickly transport your clients from a chilled winter day to a blossoming spring morning. For just $49, you can download all 12 digital backdrops, which are compatible with almost all photo editing softwares. 

Once you purchase the Seasonal Digital Backdrop Collection, a download will begin immediately. Don’t forget to check out this free video tutorial for instruction if you’re feeling lost.

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