Getting out there and finding clients can be hard work. I've put together a list for those that are new to business and need to find creative ways to find potential clients. A lot of items I did myself when I first started and it's a great way to bridge the connection between people that might be looking for your service. This list is just something to get you started, take the time and try to think of places your potential clients might hang out, what might they be buying or where can you make a connection that could turn into a potential booking. 


  • Many of these ideas will require to to make sure you are allowed to do them.
  • Always make sure to ask a manager or owner for permission.
  • Don't be nervous about making connections and introducing yourself to potential clients.
  • ALWAYS have your website info on the card and a way to get ahold of you via email.
  • Make sure to add your work to your advertising material to show them your style


Business Cards : you can get custom cards printed at
Tags: think of a little tag, with a string on it, something that is easy to tie to something, or add to a hanger!)
Marketing Cards : if your advertising something specific like a cake smash or easter minis, make a visual marketing card for it!) You can see lots of the ones I use HERE
Brochures: Something pretty that you can add your business info as well as some pictures.


Newborn & Maternity Photography Business
1. Drop off studio magazines at a local OBGYN office
2. Leave business cards in each pregnancy book of the book store
3. Drop of a special look book at your local OBGYN office
4. Add a special gift card in the congratulations cards in the store
5. Add your business card into pregnancy magazines
6. Drop off business cards at a local maternity clothing store
7. Find a prenatal yoga class - drop off gift cards
8. Connect with a 3D ultrasound spa - Cross promote!
9. Make special business tags and hang them on baby items at a local boutique
10. Add brochure to 'baby first year' books at the book store
11. Spend an entire day handing out special made business cards to expecting moms. (go to all the local hot spots!)
12. Leave your business card in the back of of maternity Jeans
13. Leave a special tag on baby strollers at babies r us. "Receive 20% off newborn sessions with a stroller purchase"
14. Leave gift card with those newborn gift baskets you find at certain stores
15. Add a gift card to baby monitors
16. Add business cards to baby mobiles
17. Leave a brochure into the pack and plays or co sleeper beds
18. Add your business card to nursery bedding sets
19. Add a special tag with your business info to pregnancy body pillows
20. Add your card to diaper bags

Birth Photography Business
21. Contact a Dula service and get connections through them
22. Drop off gift cards at a breastfeeding class
23. Drop of goodie bags at your local OBGYN office for expecting moms
24. Cross Promote with a local 3D ultrasound spa
25. Add a 5x7 promotional card to items in the baby section
26. Add a gift card to birthing books in the bookstore
27. Make goodie bags for a local hospital birthing class
28. Add promotional brochure into diaper boxes
29. Put business card into special baby gifts (those little frames for baby handprint and footprint)
30. Leave a brochure in baby boutique crib
31. Leave business card in child birth/labor books
32. Leave special brochure on baby shower items
33. Add a gift card to pregnancy magazines
34. Leave a marketing card in popular bottle feeding sets
35. Look for special baby items like blankets and slide your brochure in
36. Add a special business tag to nursing shirts and bras

  Baby Photography Business
37. Drop your cards of at baby gap
38. See if  your local Gymboree has play days - hand out flyers
39. Find local baby boutiques and leave your cards at the checkout desk
40. Add baby milestone package information into baby items at target
41. Leave birthday cake smash info in the party section
44. Cross promote with a local cake maker
45. Leave special business tags on cute baby outfits. (Ex: make a easter session tag and leave it on all the baby easter dresses)
45. Spend an entire day handing out special made business cards to moms with adorable babies. (go to all the local hot spots!)
46. Add flyer into diaper boxes
47. Add business cards to baby shoe boxes
48. Hang special tag to baby onesies
49. Add card to popular baby "first" books
50. Add brochure to baby toys
51. Put business cards into pretty baby room decor
52. Add  business card to baby proofing items
53. Leave business card with bouncers
54. Add gift card to baby walkers
55. Leave special tag on teething toys
56. Add special brochure to high chairs
57. Add special tag to first birthday outfits

Children Photography Business
58. Connect with local pre schools and offer seasonal sessions
59. Add your services to the schools newsletter
60. Leave business cards in parenting books at the book store
61. Leave special look book at  your local pediatric office
62. Find a local playgroup and hand out a marketing board
63. Drop off business cards at local child care centers
64. Find a local playgroup and hand out business cards
65. Spend an entire day handing out special made business cards to moms with little ones (go to all the local hot spots!)
66. Leave gift card in special children toys
67. Leave birthday session card in the party section
68. Leave business cards with items in high end children stores (think pottery barn kids)
69. Add special tag promoting mini halloween sessions on all Halloween costumes
70. Leave card in best selling children books
Senior Photography Business
71. Add your business information to schools bulletin board
72. Find senior Reps to help promote your business
73. Leave a brochure in SAT & ACT study books
74. Add your business card to 17 magazine, or any that you think seniors might be interested in.
75. Look for 'life after high school' books at the book store and add your business card.
76. Leave a marketing card in the college acceptance books
78. Slide your card into graduation cards
79. Add brochure to graduation section at the party store
80. Leave a special tag on prom dresses
81. Get in contact with the high schools year book committee, give them cards
82. Start a senior rep program
83. Add a special gift card tag to popular 'senior t-shirts' (you can find these at stores sometimes).

 Engagement & Wedding Photography Business
84. Put your business card inside bridal magazines
85. Connect with a local bridal makeup artist - Cross Promote
86. Leave your business cards with a hair dresser that works with a lot of brides
87. Drop off cards at local high end nail salons
88. Make connection with local wedding planners and cross promote
89. Leave gift cards at local bridal stores
90. Leave business information in wedding planning books at the book store
91. Connect with a florist and cross promote
92. Go to a bridal show and mingle with all the brides
93. Go to your local jewelry store and see if they can hang your cards out (maybe have a special for those doing the ring shopping to document their wedding proposal!)
94. Drop off cards with your favorite florist
95. Spend an entire day handing out special made business cards to engaged women (do a ring check!)
96. Leave a special gift card in engagement cards
97. Go to the DIY wedding materials and leave promotional material there
98. Leave your business card in the bachelorette section in the party section
99. Make special bridal goodie bags for popular bridal shower venues.
100. Add business card to wedding invitation collections
101. Add business card to wedding favor items at the store
February 23, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen

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