There are no secrets around Modern Market. I advertise my tips and tricks I’ve discovered along the way because I want you to be successful! There are many different aspects to running a photography business that gets you noticed, including your photography (of course), client service, and business stability to name a few. These four photography materials are Modern Market’s best sellers that are tools to help you along the way.


Lightroom Presets

The top three best selling materials on Modern Market are Lightroom Presets: the Simply Delightful Collection, the Preset & Brush Newborn Collection, and the Film Collection. Each of these different collections have a variety of base presets that give you a starting point to creating the vision you see in your head. Lightroom is a fun and easy post-processing tool that helps all photographers. Using a preset increases your workflow, eliminating repetitive steps that you may use in each and every photograph. Lightroom is a full program with hidden gems. If you’re new to Lightroom, check out this two-hour silent tutorial to watch me edit an entire session (200+ photos).

Business Success Online Class

This course gives you individual mentoring on your brand, business, and photography to help you take your business to the next level. Modern Market grew from $10K to $300K per year in a very short time, and I’ll teach you the tricks. I want your business to live to its potential. This course is on sale right now for $150! Sign up here.

Studio Success Tools

The truth to managing a successful photography business lies in organization. Your clients can tell if you’re organized because you’re prepared to answer questions they have yet to ask. Organization includes keeping a calendar, structuring session checklists, and managing the nitty gritty details of your business finances and goals. Modern Market has digital programs, printable planners, pricing calculators (that tell you how much to charge per session to meet your goals), and social media planners. These studio success tools will change your business flow for the better!

Overlays and Backdrops

Photography materials like overlays and digital backdrops give a photograph an added touch of beauty during post-processing. The challenge of capturing the perfect photo is relieved when you have exquisite photo editing skills. Use the Stunning 164 Sky Overlays to make the background pop. Our most popular digital backdrops include the Holiday Collection and the Seasonal Digital Backdrop Collection. The holiday backdrops are fun because you can give your clients a special addition to the finished product such as a kiddo sitting at Santa’s feet. The Seasonal Digital Backdrop Collection includes 12 different backdrops to match the different months throughout the year. This collection gives you a relevant edge year round on your competition.

If you demand excellence of yourself and your photography materials, you’ll be more than satisfied with Modern Market’s Best Sellers. No matter if you want to focus on streamlining the post-processing process, growing your business to reach new goals, organizing all aspects of your business, or adding a special touch of beauty to your photographs, Modern Market has the top products to make you a total winner.
March 01, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen

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