Our house is looking emptier with every day that passes. Since we decided that we will only bring the most important things with us (all my photo boxes, camera gear, and computer) I have sold or given away everything else we had in this house. All that's left at this point is our furniture which will be sold next month. Our closing date for our Florida house is Feb 28th and it's the weirdest thing having a closing date but having to wait to make sure everything goes as planned. (you never know with selling a house, it's not uncommon to get dates pushed around a little.) Of course, we are keeping our fingers crossed that all will go as planned and we can start our new adventure. 

The plan right now is to buy our one-way tickets to Hawaii immediately after our closing date and then make the jump over to Hawaii over spring break. People keep asking me about having a plan and I keep telling everyone that we are just going to wing it. I actually think going into this big move without a solid plan, is the least stressful option of all because whatever happens...happens. Jon and I have always been the type to just go do something and never really needed a set itinerary to go do it, and so far we have done pretty good. 

So all this could mean that in 50 days we could be on our way!

January 19, 2017 — Elena Ringeisen

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