"I just made it a lot harder on myself"

Those thoughts have been passing by a lot lately. You see, uprooting your entire family, moving your business to a new place and starting over is exciting, but it's also hard. I know once we get there, I'll look back and think how much it was worth it, but right now I can't help but think that one quote. You know the one that says something about choosing the path less traveled? I feel like that the path I'm on right now, and as much as I want to pretend like I know what I'm doing on it, I'm really just putting one foot in front of the other and heading to a place I've never been to.

Most people don't just get rid of everything they have, including their house, their clothes, those things that have been collected over the last 10 years, sell their nice car, to get a used jeep and pack a suitcase full of clothes and buy one way plane tickets to an island in the middle of the pacific. I get why people don't do this, it's weird not having a plan. Especially for someone who really loves to plan.



We are supposed to close in 8 days and have cleaned out the entire house, but as all home buyers know, things can pop up and push the closing date back. Right now we are just sitting here waiting while working from a lap top. We can't really make any moves until we are officially closed on the house.

We are trying to plan it around our daughters school schedule so she doesn't miss a ton of school. The way we currently have it planned is to get tickets for the first day of spring break so we can get there, set everything else up and then she can start school after spring break.

We can't buy our tickets until we close on the house. Talk about last min. planning. We are supposed to close on our house on Feb 28th, and want to buy tickets for March 11th. So that gives us 10 days to buy tickets and go.

Moving a business from Florida to Hawaii is tricky! We have had meetings with our business layer and our awesome accountant to make sure we are doing everything correctly. 

I remind myself of these four things;
The people I truly need, my sweet husband, and two incredible kids will be with me. I know that regardless of where we have been, or where we are going, as long as we are together it's the most important thing. 
It's going to be a really fun adventure, and I want my life to be exactly that. 
There are no good or bad decisions. There are only good and better decisions. If we don't like it, in the long run, we can easily make the decision to jump on another path that will lead us elsewhere. 

I'll look back on this and smile

because it was life and I decided

to live it. 


February 20, 2017 — Elena Ringeisen

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