Picking an Island in Hawaii is hard. Each island has it's own unique beauty to it. Their all so incredibly different from each other. I'm excited to visit each of them, but happy that I finally figured out which one I'd like to call home. 
 The last few months kind of went like this: 
Oahu is so pretty, but we should move to the Big Island because it's so nice and has so much space. Yes, def moving to the Big Island. Whoa, did you see Kauai?! That's a dream! Ok nevermind the big island, let's move to Kauai. We will live in a tiny little beach shack, but it will be on Kauai. Did you see that one house on the Big Island? You can see the ocean from the living room. Ok, ok. we were right on picking the Big Island, let's move there. Wait...Does Maui have better beaches? It has more beaches AND a private school I love. Lot's of people get married on Maui so it would be great for my business. 
Ok, my heart is made up, we are moving to Maui. 
If you know me, you know I will do my research and change my mind a million times before deciding on something, but once I have it figured out, it's 100%. 
Lucky, my husband has been by my side the last 10+ years, ready to go on any adventure my heart desires so he's completely used to me changing my mind on something ever few days. The struggle is real. 
So with all that said, Maui it is. Officially. 
We have in the process of selling all our furniture right now, so our house is looking really empty. I went through everything and packed up only what was most important to me. (three small boxes total). 
I thought I would need a whole suitcase for my clothes, turns out I only needed half. 
Which reminds me of when my husband sand I first started dating. We planned a little trip out to Tybee Island, Georgia. I was currently living in Wilmington attending UNCW, and he was stationed at Fort Bragg. We planned to go on this beach trip and it was the first time I got to meet his mother who drove down from Florida. She always says that she knew I was the perfect girl for him when she saw me arrive with one backpack and a pair of flip flops.
Guess I've always traveled light.
Only things I've added was my sweet husband, our daughter, son and Goldendoodle and I'm perfectly happy knowing that's all I'm bringing with me. 
January 30, 2017 — Elena Ringeisen

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