1. When you spend 30 min wrapping a newborn perfectly and go to take the shot. 
2. How you feel when working with newborns and babies.
3. When it's been three long hours and you haven't taken a single shot. 
4. How you feel after your 1st and 100th newborn session. 
5. But you keep going because of little moments like this. 
6. How you speak during a newborn session. 
7. And sometimes there's a little of this. 
8. And there's a whole LOT of this going on.
9.  When you see pregnant people. 
10. When you think the baby is finally asleep and then this happens. 
11. After a newborn session.
12. When you hear someone say they will do their own newborn photos instead of hiring a professional.
13.  When you know they are REALLY asleep this time. 
14. When your clients bring props you don't really feel like using...but you do it anyways. 
 15. When your clients call you the baby whisperer and tell you how amazing you are.
16. How you feel when posing newborns.
 17. When you chat with other newborn photographers about your last session. 
18. And this is what they tell you.
19. When you finally succeed at doing newborn sessions. 
20. When your clients ask you a day after your newborn session if the gallery is ready.  
21. When you're trying to cull a newborn gallery and just don't know which ones you love the most.
22. When you see any newborn photography prop.
23. When someone contacts you about a newborn MINI session.
24. When you have to do all the laundry after a newborn session.
25. When a client tells you the gallery made them cry because the images were so beautiful. 
26. When you try to get all the wrinkles out of your blanket backdrop.
27. How you feel when someone shoots over your shoulder the entire session. 
28. When you try to get newborn skin tones right.
29. Every time a client shows up with their itty bitty baby. 
30. When you realize that even though it's a lot of work and very time consuming, newborn photography is your dream job. Who wouldn't love working with adorable babies for a living?! 
Image Credit: Ana Brandt
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Which one do you relate to the most? Comment below because I really hope I'm not the only one out there with these emotions.

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September 07, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen