Tell us a little bit about yourself!
I'm the full time Mom of a toddler with a new puppy, and will soon be adding a newborn to the crazy mix!  I enjoy long romantic walks on the beach with, wait...I enjoy doing Tough Mudders with the hubby, though I absolutely dislike running, and a good homemade burger afterwards (and wine).  A stay-at-home-mom/photographer is the last thing I ever imagined myself doing growing up, but I wouldn't change it for anything!


Where are you located?
Brantford, Ontario Canada


What type of photography do you specialize in?
Tiny little humans, with the odd toddler and family to keep me on my toes.


What do you love most about specializing in that type of photography?
The quiet peacefulness of a session, and the perfect tiny features, fingers and toes that make up those little miracles.


What has been your favorite part about taking the Business Success Class?
Definitely the Facebook group.  Though I'm a quiet observer most of the time, there is SO much information, and SO many tips that I would have never though of that pop up in my news feed.  


What would you tell someone who's thinking about taking the class?
Do it!  Just take the step, or push the button, and reap the benefits!  (There are many)


What do you love most about being a photographer?
Aside from the actual photography and my clients, I love being my own boss.  I love the flexibility, creativity, and hard work that goes into every session behind the scenes.  Each day is different, each client is different, and no two sessions are the same.  There is sweat, there are tears, I've been peed on, pooped on, I've traipsed through freezing water, and climbed logs, but in the end, when I see that my clients love their images, THAT is why I love being a photographer.


What is something you used to struggle with that you are now in full control of?
I'm still fairly new, so I don't want to say that I'm completely in control of anything, but my organizational skills have improved hugely!  My husband would disagree, but clients never have to see my desk.


What is your biggest strength as a photographer?
Probably that I'm a perfectionist.  Which is both a strength and a curse, because I'm also my own biggest critic.


Tell us about one thing that you've learned from the class that really meant a lot to you?
Figuring out what my 'perfect client' profile is.  Which is not me.  I am not my own perfect client, and that is a very important thing to know!


What's something you've managed to accomplished thanks to taking the class?
I've become organized in my business.  I'm a lost cause in life.  I now have e-mail templates, organized contracts and forms, questionnaires, and a specific place to put everything.  Other people could now navigate my business, it's no longer the 'but I know where my mess is' business type.   I also have a way better grasp on marketing, though that is still a work in progress.


What made you want to take the class?
I don't have a business-ey mind.  I can take the pictures, I can interact with the clients, but it was a hot mess of a business, and had zero structure.  I needed help!


Those that take the photography business success class also get to be part of the private online group, tell us a little bit about what that's like?
It's great!  Everyone is helpful, and it is a wealth of information.  Elena is quick to answer and help in any way she can with any issues that other members have.  It is such a diverse group, with all types of photographers, that you learn things you would never think of on your own, or even realize that you would ever need in your own special corner of the photography world.


What are some of your biggest goals for the upcoming years?
The first goal that comes to mind would be to finish my designated studio space.  It's been a work in progress for a while.  But my biggest goal is to mature my business into one that gives clients no reason to look elsewhere.  To build a constant, dependable client base, and grow in my work to develop my style into one that is truly my own.  One that makes clients and myself happy, and to not lose the 'new excitement' of my budding business.  I want to love my work for many years to come, and I hope that it always stays about the photography and clients.


June 03, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen