I could not be more excited about featuring some of my very own students. Those that have learned from me through my  Photography Business Success Class. All of them have worked so extremely hard in building their own business and I can't wait to show you some of their beautiful work as well as what they have taken from taking the class. Jennifer Traylor is one of the sweetest photographers I know who specializes in newborn portraiture. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a family photographer who specializes in Newborns and baby's first year. I have been happily married for 15 years and have 4 amazing girls. A few of my favorite things are the beach, baking, and a simple BLT sandwich.

Where are you located?

I'm located in a rural town called Sutherland in Dinwiddie, Virginia.

What type of photography do you specialize in?

Newborns and babies first year.

What do you love most about specializing in that type of photography?

I know I'm supposed to say cuddling all the tiny little babies, but honestly I love connecting with the moms, talking about their birth, offering advice when asked, and the absolute challenge of photographing a brand new baby. Some people look at what I do and think, "who couldn't take pictures of a sleeping baby?" but honestly there is so much more involved like soothing and posing that people never consider. The awesome baby smell, that's totally a bonus. ;)

What has been your favorite part about taking the Business Success Class?

Wow, that's a really hard question because honestly there is so much about the class that is amazing, all of it really. Favorite part of the class if I had to pinpoint it is Elena. She is there for you constantly. She adds new articles for us if we come up with a topic that wasn't in the original material, she holds your hand (even thought she's a 1000 miles away, she's constantly in the study group and she gives REAL answers, not a general vague answer, real information you can put into practice.  

She is the real gem of the program.  I was the first participant of the program and I feel just as loved now as I did back then.

What would you tell someone who's thinking about taking the class?

Do it! I've taken classes before that were motivational but  didn't give a real plan with steps to follow, but not this course. Everything is spelled out with steps and examples. Its amazing. Its also a program that you can fit in when your schedule allows. There is no time limit to complete or risk of getting kicked out of the group. Stay as long as you like or need.

What do you love most about being a photographer?

I love connecting with people. I love hearing or seeing the joy that they feel when you've captured something special.

What is something you used to struggle with that you are now in full control

I would say figuring out pricing. Its something that will always be evolving in a free market, but learning what I need to make to stay profitable, was very valuable.

What is your biggest strength as a photographer?

I love to learn. I won't ever let my work get stale feeling because I love evolving and learning new things.

Tell us about one thing that you've learned from the class that really meant a lot to you?

I'm not alone. I know it sounds crazy, and I'm not alone, hello, my house has 6 people in it, but having a successful business person in my field that offers advice whenever I need it has been extremely valuable, more than $'s can ever pay for.

What's something you've managed to accomplished thanks to taking the class?

Quite a few things, some of the biggies, 1. Overhaul of my website and branding 2. Designing new marketing material and having them printed 3. Restructuring pricing. If you have a business you know those goals are big, especially when you are designing too. I recently was asked who designed my site because they thought it was gorgeous, best compliment EVER. Elena was right there, holding my hand making sure it looked great.

What made you want to take the class?

I stink at organization. I can't say that I've licked that, or that I ever will, but Elena offers the tools to make it as painless as possible.

Those that take the photography business success class also get to be part of the private online group, tell us a little bit about what that's like?

The group is amazing. As I mentioned above its my favorite part of the course. While ALL the information is super valuable, talking things over with people that are in the same situation is so rewarding. We often share ideas, questions, and struggles. Everyone is really supportive and no questions is too big or too small.

What are some of your biggest goals for the upcoming years?

Taking a trip to Florida including a few days at Disney as a family. My husband and I have never been (neither have the kids) and it was part of my goals to get a big trip together for all of us.

February 24, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen