A week ago, we landed in Florida after living in Maui for almost three years.

Although Hawaii is an absolute dream, there are 4 things that made us ready for a new adventure. I’ll write more about that in another post.

Plus, I told my husband that if I can’t live in Hawaii, I don’t wanna live anywhere (just kidding…kind of).

So instead of jumping into another mortgage and being locked into one place, we decided to the only thing that sounded more fun that living in paradise, and that’s getting an RV and traveling North America to see all there is to see.

And that got me thinking about the simple idea of trading our mortgage for a new adventure. The fact that we are no longer tied to a house with a big mortgage has made it possible to go wherever we want and financially save more than ever before.

The first thing we did after landing in Florida was to find a truck and a beautiful RV. We have a family rule to not get these sorts of things unless we can pay cash, which means that aside from our cellphone bill, we don’t have any other bills. Which let me tell you, after living in Hawaii, where most homes are closer to the 1 million dollar mark, feels pretty freeing in itself. 

The big truth is that since building a business that allowes us to work from anywhere in the world, we really weren't sure where we wanted to put down roots, or if we wanted to really commit to one place when there's still so much to see. 

We sold our Maui home, to start a new adventure. An adventure to explore all of North American and beyond.



We can go anywhere we want, for however long we feel like and are super excited to continue exploring. We spent three years adventuring around Hawaii, and can't wait to see all there is to see on the mainland.   

We've homeschooled our kids for two years now so continuing this won't be a problem. I currently have a very independent school obsessed 6th grader and a wild 1st grader. 

As always, our plan is simple.

We want to travel across North America, visit all the National Parks, and continue working on projects we feel passionate about while making an impact.

I’m excited to travel more and offer more commercial sessions, as well as mentoring small business owners in new places and via my business blog which is filled with all my favorite business tips and strategies. 

And maybe, just maybe, while we’re traveling, we’ll find the perfect place to put roots down and call our forever home. Or not. The more likely scenario is that we realize just how much we love seeing the world, and start our international adventure.

So tell me, have you ever thought about leaving it all behind and traveling instead?

It's not a bad tradeoff. At the end of the day, traveling full time has proven to be more affordable than paying a mortgage on a house in Hawaii. 

October 01, 2019 — Elena Ringeisen