How To Document Everyday Moments

I'm thrilled to show you how I set it up, the tools I use and even what I use to edit and there's even a link to a free mobile preset below so you'll have everything you need to start documenting y...

How To Get Beautiful Sharp Photos Every Time

A question that often comes up in my Private Facebook Group ; How to get beautiful sharp photos. Today I'll go over my best tips on doing exactly that. I'll go over gear, optimal camera settings, h...

2019 {online} Newborn Retreat

Ready to fall in love with your newborn + maternity sessions? In this 100% online experience, we're bringing together 26 talented instructors to share their knowledge with you.

Shooting In Low Light | Tips, Tricks & Settings!

I wanted to write up a little article to help those of you who want to get more comfortable with shooting in low light or very little light and maybe even inspire some of you to get out there to sh...

Editing Full Session Under 15 minutes!

Using presets should serve as a tool, and you'll see how easy to is to customize the hybrid film collection with just a few clicks. If you're looking for a way to streamline your post-processing an...

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