I get so many questions about this session and how I go about editing my outdoor portraits that have those soft subtle greens, beautiful pastels all while keeping all the details. I figured it would be fun to give you a quick little insight on exactly all the adjustments that were made using Lightroom on this before and after image.

This is one of my favorites sessions, and I designed the entire Simply Delightful Lightroom Preset Collection around these images. It includes stunning presets to help you create something magical. Use discount SAVE15 to get this collection 15% off today!  


Here's a look at the before and after + ALL Lightroom adjustments I made to get it from the before to the after. I made absolutely no special brush adjustments to this image. Have fun trying out the adjustments listed below on your images!



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June 21, 2016 — Elena Ringeisen


Dylan Marshall said:

I loved what you are writing in this article simply yet informative, can use to businesses the secrets of editing. Congrats!

Lindsay Wood said:

Happy that I have found this kind of blog it was useful and helpful, no need to worry about editing cause I got so many ideas from your article. Hoping to see more post from you dear, thank you so much I appreciate your blog. Really amazing!

Eissac Gorman said:

Amazing ideas your going to share with us. Hope to read more of your post, I learned and have fun practicing your example. Thank you!

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