A common question I get is; Who's taking the photo and how are you getting photos that you're in? 

I'm thrilled to show you how I set it up, the tools I use and even what I use to edit and there's even a link to a free mobile preset below so you'll have everything you need!

This year I invested in two small little tools to make it easier to document everyday moments and get into some photos with my little ones. If you're a mom or photographer, you probably know how difficult it is to get some pictures with you IN the photos while dealing with camera gear and settings. I used to use my professional camera for everything until I realized that for these everyday moments, it's often easier and quicker to use my iPhone. In this tutorial, I'll show you exactly how I set things up, and you'll see just how easy it is to do.

Side note: As a photographer, nothing can replace my professional DSLR but having something that is quick and easy to do has been a ton of fun.

Here's what I use:
Tripod - Here's a lightweight tripod that will work great. If you're planning on doing this outdoors I would get one that is a little heavier.
Tripod Attachment + Remote - For only $8 bucks these two tools make taking photos so easy! I highly recommend getting this and using it because it makes it possible to take photos without it being on a timer, or having to run back and forth.
Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack I  - My favorite way to edit everyday photos! 

First, I typically find a white wall in the house, with good light. Depending on the time of day it's usually my bedroom or living room.

I set up the tripod, and place my cell phone into the little clamp attachment and screw it until it's nice and snug.

Turn on my camera, it's nice being able to see what the shot looks like while I'm taking them.

Then turn on my little remote, which has a little on and off switch on the side. Once it's switched to on, all I have to do is click the button and my phone will take a picture. The remote is small enough where it's easy to hide.

Don't forget to turn on some music. It's always more fun with music!

And most importantly; have fun taking some pictures! These little photoshoots don't have to take long, or be stressful. The point is just to get in front of your camera with your little one and document the moment.

The other day I had plans to do some monthly photos of Noa, and all he wanted to do was nurse. Instead of getting frustrated, I simply stood there swaying side to side nursing him for the next 20 minutes. That was our moment, and that's precisely what I documented.

I know that these are the moments that I'll want to remember the most.

You don't need some elaborate set up; they can be simple and beautiful. You can use this method to get some pictures while reading your kids a bedtime story, baking something special with them in the kitchen, or dancing in the living room. Just do whatever comes natural and most importantly, get in the photos with them!

After I get done taking photos, I open up my lightroom mobile app and add the photos I love the most and edit them with the Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack I. (my favorite is preset #2) You can grab the FREE preset sample for the mobile pack HERE and download the complete mobile preset pack I HERE.

One click magic! 

I hope this tutorial helps and you can start documenting your everyday moments!

September 06, 2019 — Elena Ringeisen

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