The Webinar + Sales Funnel Canva Slide Deck

$420.75 $495.00

Product made by our friends at TONIC.

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Have an offer to sell? Our webinar / sales funnel deck is tricked out with can’t-miss, proven sales formula that will sell your offer FOR you. Built with strategy used by top-selling educators in the industry, a deck like this would normally cost 5 figures. Use it for any webinar, master-class, pitch, or in-person sales demo and watch the sales flow in.

“It’s like Christmas morning! I’m DROOLING!” — an actual review from one of our digital marketer friends after an early preview of these slides. And honestly, he’s not wrong. This template pack features intro slides, stats, social proof, “as seen in,” teaching slides, and then a sales process you can fill in template by template to ensure it sells. (The timeline, bonus pages, by the numbers, and pros and cons list are early favorites!)

It can easily stand alone, OR bundle with The Speaking + Presentation Canva Slide Deck for even more options. 


  • 80+ stunning slides, featuring gorgeous typography and space for anything you want to communicate.
  • Plug-and-play design that will save you hours of time (and loads of stress).
  • Customizable Canva template you can use over and over again for so many purposes (hello, course slides and e-books!)
  • All fonts + images used are pre-licensed for your use — keep what you want!"