Monthly Content Bundle | Includes Newsletters, Blogs & Social Media Posts


Pricing Options:

With the monthly content creation service, you'll get four professionally written pieces of content that will then be re-purposed as newsletters, blog posts, and social media content. This content can then be used across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You'll get the benefits of;

  • Outsourcing a very time-consuming job.
  • Continue serving and growing your email list.
  • Publishing short-form blog posts consistently.
  • Increase sales and profits by focusing on high-value-based content creation.
  • Bring a level of consistency to your content creation strategy. 

Our focus with this type of content creation is to provide a positive/educational tip for the reader. By doing so, your audience will start to read your content and build trust with you and your company, which will then directly translate into more long-term sales.

Instead of focusing on sales-focused content, we can focus on serving (and seamlessly plug your service or products at the end of the content) without coming across ever trying to sell them on anything. They will land on that decision simply by digesting and reading your content regularly and building trust with you and your company.

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