Helping creatives entrepreneurs build
their dream business with strategies
that are easy to follow

 and lead to more profitable, sustainable business growth

I'm Elena, a big dreamer, usually barefoot in a summer dress living the dream in Maui. Mama of two, married to my sweetheart. For me, my business and life are bound together. Working for myself doing something I'm passionate about has given me the financial freedom to work from anywhere in the world and I love passing on my knowledge to those ready to learn. Helping entrepreneurs build a business based entirely on their personal goals and vision of success which will ensure they lead the life they’ve always wanted.

I became a business consultant to make this lifestyle possible for others as well. Especially women who want both, a successful career doing something they are passionate about, and be a full-time stay at home parent.

Being a mother of three, being able to do both is strongly tied to my vision of success.

I work with others to see the possibilities instead of the obstacles in developing a solid business plan. This is about making real money
doing what you love full-time, with strategies that are easy to understand and implement, and showing real results and long term business growth.

There's a science to creating successful businesses, and after having built three business, scaling my income from $0, to $3000 a month, and then over $55,000 a month I'm happy to share my knowledge and what has worked so well for me with those ready to implement the same strategies! 





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The Business Success Class


Join my complete business success class where I cover all my best business strategies used to build a million dollar business. Strategies that can be implemented right away by anyone that is ready to put in the hard work and wants to create profitable, sustainable business doing something they love full-time. After this class, you'll have a solid plan in place to quickly scale your business with your ideal dream client, bringing in real profits.

Can you imagine having the actual business blueprint in hand and seeing real measurable results?

Although I started out as a photographer, I have built three successful businesses in different areas (service based, e-commerce & subscription CRM) and have applied my strategies to each of them. I've had the pleasure of educating all kinds of creatives including photographers, florists, digital artists, and those who want to pursue what they love and do it full-time all while creating a profitable business. I'd love to help you and your business dreams too! 



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I'm Elena

and you might know me as an entrepreneur & photographer, mama of three living life to the fullest with my husband in Hawaii. I  love encouraging fellow creatives to pursue their dreams and have worked with many types of business over the years to proven that the strategies that helped me build a million dollar business work for other entrepreneurs as well! 

As far as experience goes; I've built a striving photography business, an online e-commerce marketplace, and in 2017 launch a third company, The Essential Studio Manager, a subscription-based software helping photographers manage their business.

I’m excited to use my experience in business and help others navigate the right path to make their dream business a reality and show them easy to follow strategies that lead directly to long term business growth. 

My big dream? Doing what I love, spending every day with my husband & raising our two kids on the island of Maui and helping as many people as I can by passing my knowledge onto them. I'm excited that you are one of those people. 


notes from those who have taken the class

"My outlook on my business and my art has already changed and I'm just getting started. I can not wait to apply everything I have learned"

"I work less and make more which means I'm not staying up all hours and losing sleep. I schedule no more than I feel I can handle. This class will save your life."

"This class is so amazing and I'm so excited to start my business the way that I should have started it, to begin with. I now have all the steps that I need, instead of bits and pieces of it." missed my last class


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