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Have you ever wanted to watch me edit a COMPLETE session from start to finish? This is your chance to do just that. You'll see exactly the steps I take in the 30 minutes, covering the many different tools Lightroom has to offer. These videos are silent and easy to follow. In this video I use no special plugins, presets, and all images are edited by hand. In addition to learning everything I do in Lightroom, you'll also learn how I'm able to edit 120+ images that result in a beautiful, consistent gallery. Once this video has been purchased you'll get an email with a special download. Once you have the video downloaded you'll be able to watch it as many times as you'd like so grab some coffee, pick a good playlist and get ready to watch and learn! 

This class is perfect for anyone who is currently working with Lightroom (or those of you who are ready to make the jump to Lightroom!) If you're new, take your time to really watch each step. (you'll have the download so you can replay as many times as you need!) If you know your way around Lightroom, you can follow along easily and see what type of adjustments I make to my images. I know Lightroom can be a little overwhelming and I hope this video demonstrates all the possibilities Lightroom has to offer. 

I also put together a simple Lightroom adjustments guide to give you a quick overview of the tools you'll see me use. 


  • Instant Download of SILENT Editing Video
  • Complete session edited in Lightroom
  • One 1080 HD Video viewable on computer
  • Lightroom Adjustment Guide (little mini guide on the adjustments you'll see me use)


  • The post processing videos are a wonderful way to learn how to use photoshop, elements and lightroom! You can watch them on your laptop, desktop or tablet.
  • If you purchased a video please follow these steps:
  • Download your video
  • Save the video somewhere save (I like to make a special folder just for videos) 3.  Make sure you have QuickTime Player installed on your computer
  • Right click the video and hit ‘open with – quicktimeplayer
  • Enjoy the video!

Must have QuickTime Player installed to watch video on PCs 

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